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Amongst others there are available digitized copies of almost all patents as well as a lot of articles, that have been published in English, translated and digitized in the entire bibliography of Otto Lilienthal. Examples are given:

Otto Lilienthal

The political thinking and action of the Lilienthal brothers was influenced by the book of Theodor Hertzka: "Freiland - ein soziales Zukunftsbild" Leipzig, 1890 (Freeland. A Social Anticipation). Gustav Lilienthal was an active ''freelander'', but the introduction of a profit share in Otto Lilienthals factory also shows an obvious connection to this circle of ideas.


Wilbur Wright

Robert W. Wood



by/to Otto Lilienthal

  • Otto Lilienthal's letter to Moritz v. Egidy, from about January 1894
    (Lilienthal's famous vision about social and cultural effects of his aeroplane)

Lilienthal - Chanute