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Part of this homepage was translated by a group of 12th grade students (Grit Böke, Manja Gumtow, Katja Malossek, Daniel Kräusel, Dieter Möller) as a project at the Lilienthal High School (Lilienthal-Gymnasium) in Anklam under the supervision of Kathryn Herrmann.
Other translators: Simine Short, Michael Buckow and Gareth Evans, Greifswald, Claudia Krüger, Liza Cohen (Students in Greifswald), Beau Griffith and John Brown (known for his research on the aviation pioneer Gustave Whitehead).
For special help we are thankful to Marvin A. Hodges, USA and to Derek A Rayner, of York, England.
Translations into French were completed by Katia-Myriam Borth/France and Mr. Baba Fambaré from Togo.
World Text Sprachenservice executed translations into Polish and Russian.
For the latest translation in the Spanish we thank warmly Dr. Alvaro Pemartin from Spain.

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