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Otto Lilienthal - to fly like a bird


Today, Otto Lilienthal is called the first successful aviator in the history of mankind. With his fundamental research on birds and airfoils, he founded the science of wing aerodynamics and lay the foundations for concepts we still employ today. Both his research and his successful flights between 1891 and 1896 inspired the Wright brothers. He influenced their research that resulted in the invention of the powered, controllable, heavier than air aircraft beginning in 1896 until their ultimate success in 1903. "From gliding to powered flight", history is described in general. We would say more appropriately: "From hang glider to airplane".

The biography of Otto Lilienthal was strongly influenced by and connected to that of his brother Gustav Lilienthal (1849-1933). The brothers worked together all their lives, especially on technical, social and cultural projects, which are of great importance even to this day.

Our knowledge about Lilienthal's flight research and flight techniques is mainly based on: