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Patent archives of the Museum

Our archives list patents of Otto and Gustav Lilienthal and those with the topic aviation at the Kaiserliches Patentamt up to 1910 (>>> Search in the current database).
US aviation patents up to 1909 have been listed online by Mrs. Simine Short.

Please also note the search options in the online database of the German Patent Office and the Google patents database.


Patents of Otto Lilienthal

There are 25 known patents of Otto Lilienthal, most of them deal with his work as a machanical engineer and owner of a factory for steam boilers and engines, some concern with educational plays (invented together with his Brother Gustav), but only four have flying machines as their subject:

The first German, English and American patents are similar and cover gliders as well as a wing flapping machine. The second German patent is an extension, the so-called "Vorflügel" (slat), a flap for automatic attitude-changing in cases of negative angle of attack.