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The museum about Otto Lilienthal - the first aviator

His life and accomplishments as a flight pioneer, as well as a pioneer in technical, social, and cultural projects are of great importance.

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The exhibitions display the early history of human flight and demonstrate the basic flight principles discovered by Otto Lilienthal, including:

  • wing flapping and
  • hang gliding

Photo: Wittig

Sections of the Exhibition:

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Life and Accomplishments

includes the work and biography of Gustav Lilienthal (1849 - 1933), the one-year younger brother of Otto. The brothers worked closely to achieve a variety of social and cultural projects together.


The Dream of Flight

photo 'flying carpet'

"Dreams of flight" are a very special topic for a technical museum. We present a variety of imaginative but unsuccessful machines and concepts to fly, only dreams before the first successful flights.


Human Flight

Displays of replicas and models of all gliders and aircraft designs of Otto Lilienthal.

photo: exhibition

Virtual panorama (Harald Bendschneider)


Airship versus Aircraft

a short tour by the history of aviation

Lilienthal cleared up the mystery of the wing

QR-based Media guide

a QR-based guide is available in the exhibition free of charge. IPads are available to lend (3 EUR).


Museumspark "Aeronauticon"

is another project of the museum: A "Garden About Flight and Its History" on Anklam Airport.



Ikarus - Lilienthal - hangglider - The story of Man Flight


"Ikarus - the flying man" was the title of an exhibition in the ruins of the the church "St. Nikolai" in summer 2007. It was a foretaste of what is to come in this central building in the city of Anklam, a museum about the ancient dream of mankind - to fly with artificial wings like a bird. Part of this project called "Ikareum" will exhibit objects from the collection of G. Burghardt, ("First hang glider museum of the world").

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